SoCal Safes International Fortress TRX TRTL 30x6 2 Hr. Fire Safe - TRX-5520

$25,359.00 - $30,158.00


SoCal Safes International Fortress TRX TRTL 30x6 2 Hr. Fire Safe - TRX-5520

*** IMPORTANT DELIVERY NOTE: Free Shipping does NOT include Lift-gate delivery with the TRX-5520. These safes are extremely heavy and require Safe Movers/Installers***

Protection and Craftsmanship Combined

The International TRX TRTL-30x6 utilizes the newest, most revolutionary technology to form the strongest safe to pass most severe U.L. Laboratories test. Massive copper plates incorporated into our patented composite material achieving over 40,000 pounds of compression strength, makes this one of the most formidable defensive barriers ever offered.

Independently tested by U.L. for your peace of mind.


The safe has a total body thickness of 4 1/8”. High strength alloys and our proprietary barrier material combine to provide multi-layer protection designed to withstand the most sophisticated attack by tools, torch or explosives.


The door has a thickness of 8 1/4”. The same high strength alloys and proprietary barrier material used to protect the body are repeated in the door.


U.L. listed manipulation resistant high strength Group 1 combination lock with spy proof dial are used on all TRTL30X6 safes. A separate high security auxiliary key lock is standard on all models.


Massive 1 1/2” diameter chromed high tensile steel bolts are driven both horizontally and vertically through reinforced bolt chambers by the safe’s three-way boltwork mechanism. The hinge side of the door is protected by a row of dead bolts that fit into similar reinforced bolt chambers.

Glass Relockers

A large tempered glass plate is used to protect vital areas of the locking mechanism. If attacked, the glass will shatter and cause the re-lockers to activate thereby preventing the safe from being opened.

Adjustable Shelves

All models are supplied with adjustable shelves.

Add 2 in. to depth for handle projection. All specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.
Note: The best protection is a safe tailored to your needs and cash risk. Consultation with a security professional is advised.

TRX Series Size Chart

Model Interior H x W x D (in) Exterior H x W x D (in) Capacity (cu ft) Weight
TRX-3420 34 x 20 x 20 43¼ x 29¼ x 32¼ 7.9 3,030
TRX-4720 47 x 20 x 20 56¼ x 29¼ x 32¼ 12.5 3,500
TRX-5524 55 x 24 x 20 64¼ x 33¼ x 32¼ 15.3 4,400
TRX-6420 64 x 20 x 20 73¼ x 29¼ x 32¼ 14.8 4,900
TRX-6831X 68 x 31 x 19¾ 77¼ x 40¼ x 32 24.1 6,100
TRX-6836 68 x 36 x 26 77¼ x 45¼ x 38¼ 36.8 6,950

IntlTRX-Door Swing

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