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Floor Safes for Home and Business

Our floor safes for sale are designed to provide you with a discreet and secure way to protect your valuables. These safes are installed into your home's foundation or concrete floor, making them virtually impossible to remove or detect. With a range of sizes and styles available, you can choose the perfect floor safe to fit your needs and protect your valuable items from theft and other disasters. Our floor safes are constructed with durable materials and feature advanced locking mechanisms to ensure maximum protection for your valuables. Browse our collection today and find the perfect floor safe to keep your valuables safe.

Floor safe installation

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a floor safe, and how does it work? A floor safe is a secure storage device designed to be installed in the floor. It typically consists of a heavy-duty steel box with a door that is flush with the floor. To access the safe, you open the door, which is usually protected by a combination lock or key lock. Floor safes are installed in the ground, making them highly discreet and difficult for burglars to locate and access.
  1. Where should I install a floor safe in my home or business? The ideal location for a floor safe depends on your specific needs, but common places include closets, under rugs or furniture, or in hidden corners of rooms. It's essential to choose a location that is easily accessible to you but not obvious to potential thieves. Consider consulting with a professional locksmith for expert advice on placement.
  1. What are the advantages of using a floor safe over other types of safes? Floor safes offer several advantages, including their discreet appearance, which makes them less noticeable to burglars. They are also more resistant to prying and tampering due to their placement in concrete. Additionally, floor safes can be fire-resistant, providing protection for your valuable items in case of a fire.
  1. How do I maintain and care for a floor safe? To ensure the longevity and proper function of your floor safe, perform regular maintenance. Keep the safe's door clean and lubricated, check the combination or key lock for any issues, and inspect the safe for signs of wear or damage. It's also a good idea to periodically change the combination or access code for added security.
  1. What should I consider when choosing a floor safe for my needs? When selecting a floor safe, consider factors like size, security features, and fire resistance. Determine the types of items you plan to store and choose a safe with an appropriate capacity. Look for safes with reliable locking mechanisms, such as combination locks. Additionally, if fire protection is a concern, opt for a floor safe with a fire rating that suits your needs.

Remember that professional installation is essential to ensure your floor safe is properly secured in the floor and provides the level of security you require.