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Lock'er Down Safes

Securing Valuables from Burglary

Your Home is your castle and should be one of the safest places on earth for you and your family. Increasing crime rates in recent years have come to threaten this in many minds. At the same time, years go by and people collect an increasing number of varied valuable items. These items may include jewelry, special documents, family heirlooms, firearms and more. It has become increasingly important to secure these items not only to protect them but to provide peace of mind. Home thefts are on the rise and the best defense requires early preparations. One of the best places to start is to buy a high quality safe, securing valuables and replacing worry with peace of mind. There are a wide... Read More

Accident & Other Mishap prevention

More so than any other personal property, guns require special care & protection to prevent illegal or unauthorized use. While we may own firearms for protection, we must acknowledge how dangerous they can be; especially in the wrong hands. Gun Safe Considerations: Reliability: While the cost of a safe is often the first consideration of buyers, reliability really should take priority. Cheap safes are everywhere and many of them are made to 'look' secure, but they're not. To a burglar or a fire, a cheap safe wont provide much more protection that a lock box. Having a high quality secure gun safe allows peace of mind while protecting your gun from theft or misuse. Locking Systems: Selecting a high quality locking mechanism for you... Read More

The Importance of Storing Firearms & Family Security

We all want to keep our families safe and secure our valuables. We do what we can to prevent harm or danger to befall our family, health and valuables. We prepare, hope, work and even pray for it. Safety is a big deal! Unfortunately, sometimes the things go wrong. Things happen that threaten us, our stuff and our family. They seem to come out of nowhere and appear to occur through no fault of our own. Sometimes, however, this is not the case. Sometimes, there were things we could have done that would have kept us safe.  Recognizing potential hazards today to prevent major problems tomorrow without becoming obsessive is the goal. Achieving balance between vigilant security and worry free peace of mind is... Read More



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