SoCal Bridgeman UC-3024E Drop Safe and Utility Chest w/ Electronic Lock

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SoCal Bridgeman UC-3024E Drop Safe and Utility Chest w/ Electronic Lock


**Allow 2" for handle and hinges**

The SoCal Bridgeman International Fortress Utility Chests are theft resistant and suitable for short-term storage of cash trays, rolled coins, documents, and valuables. A variety of sizes and configurations are available to suit daily cash management in commercial environments.


  • Depository Slot - Features a mailbox type slot for convenient deposit of cash, money, and envelopes
  • Front Access - Utility Chests open in the front, allowing for under-counter placement
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Body is solid plate steel construction with a 1/2” solid plate steel door
  • Auto Firing Passive Relocker - Protects locks during forced entry attempt
  • Electronic Lock Devices - Electronic locks are standard on all models
  • Lock Protection - Drill-resistant hardplate for added lock barrier
  • Bolt Detent - When retracting, the chrome-plated locking bolts remain inside the door to prevent
    damage to the bolts as the door is closed
  • Anchor Holes - Each chest has a minimum of four built-in anchor holes for bolting the safe to the floor
  • Powder Coat Paint - Rust resistant powder coated steel
  • Metal Plate - Included to plug slot opening
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