SoCal Bridgeman UC-1717E Drop Safe and Utility Chest w/ Electronic Lock

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SoCal Bridgeman UC-1717E Drop Safe and Utility Chest w/ Electronic Lock


**Allow 2" for handle and hinges**

Introducing the SoCal Bridgeman UC-1717E Drop Safe and Utility Chest with Electronic Lock. This secure and versatile safe is designed to meet all your storage needs. With its convenient depository slot, you can easily deposit cash, money, and envelopes without compromising security.

The front access feature allows for under-counter placement, making it ideal for commercial environments. The heavy-duty construction of this safe ensures maximum protection. Its solid plate steel body and 1/2" solid plate steel door guarantee durability and resistance against forced entry attempts.

Equipped with an electronic lock, this safe provides added convenience and security. The auto-firing passive relocker protects the lock during any forced entry attempt. For enhanced lock barrier, a drill-resistant hardplate is included.

The SoCal Bridgeman UC-1717E Drop Safe and Utility Chest also boasts a bolt detent mechanism that keeps the chrome-plated locking bolts inside the door when retracting, preventing damage. Additionally, it features built-in anchor holes for easy bolting to the floor.

With its rust-resistant powder-coated steel and included metal plate to plug the slot opening, this safe combines both functionality and aesthetics.

Trust SoCal Bridgeman to provide you with top-quality safes that prioritize your security needs. Purchase the UC-1717E Drop Safe and Utility Chest today and experience peace of mind like never before.


  • Depository Slot - Features a mailbox type slot for convenient deposit of cash, money, and envelopes
  • Front Access - Utility Chests open in the front, allowing for under-counter placement
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Body is solid plate steel construction with a 1/2” solid plate steel door
  • Auto Firing Passive Relocker - Protects locks during forced entry attempt
  • Electronic Lock Devices - Electronic locks are standard on all models
  • Lock Protection - Drill-resistant hardplate for added lock barrier
  • Bolt Detent - When retracting, the chrome-plated locking bolts remain inside the door to prevent
    damage to the bolts as the door is closed
  • Anchor Holes - Each chest has a minimum of four built-in anchor holes for bolting the safe to the floor
  • Powder Coat Paint - Rust resistant powder coated steel
  • Metal Plate - Included to plug slot opening