SoCal Bridgeman F-5438 TL-30 Plate Steel Safe

$12,417.00 - $13,362.00
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SoCal Bridgeman F-5438 TL-30 Plate Steel Safe

*** IMPORTANT DELIVERY NOTE: Free Shipping does NOT include Lift-gate delivery with the F-5438. These safes are extremely heavy and require Safe Movers/Installers***


Advanced Design, Rugged Construction, Improved Security

Bridgeman Security is proud to present a new generation of Underwriters Laboratories listed TL-30 burglary resistive safes. This sophisticated safe has many advanced design features not found on other safes in this class, and offers excellent protection against a concentrated burglary attack.

All chests are equipped with a U.L. listed Group 2M, key change combination lock. The combination dial and ring are finished in satin nickel, and are furnished in a key locking dial configuration for dual control. A two movement time lock, alarm package, and various electronic locks are available as an option.

All safes are designed with adjustable hinges, that not only offer adjustable hinge pins, but the hinge block on the door is bolted, not welded, offering endless adjustment on the door.

The safes are designed to accept an almost endless combination of our safe deposit boxes and teller lockers which will eliminate the need, cost, and time to construct custom interiors. All safes are available in right or left hand swing.

Customizing Your Safe's Interior Step-by-Step:

  1. After selecting the safe that's right for you, note the Interior Dimensions of the safe.
  2. Choose between Security Lockers & Safety Deposit Boxes.
  3. Select the Locker/Box Series that's right for you.
  4. Mix and match Lockers/Boxes to fill your safe as desired.
  5. Make sure that the HEIGHT - WIDTH - DEPTH of the Lockers/Boxes will all fit within the safe.


  • Add 2" to Outside depth for hinge and handle.
  • If installing an Alarm: Leave 3 inches between the top of the interior lockers/boxes & the safe ceiling. At least 3 inches is required above the lockers/boxes to install and access the alarm.