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3 Versatile Safes and Lock Boxes by Lock’er Down

3 Versatile Safes and Lock Boxes by Lock’er Down

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Are you responsible for keeping important items safe? Are you the go-to person everyone turns to when they can’t find that one important document they are looking for? Do you carry a licensed gun? Does responsibility naturally find its way to you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it may be time to add a tool to your kit that will help you stay organized amidst all the responsibilities you may shoulder.

Safes and lock boxes serve a dual purpose. They keep your valuables together and they also keep these items safe.

We have narrowed down three versatile safes and lock boxes from Lock’er Down that will help you manage your responsibilities without the stress.

Versatile Safes and Lock Boxes by Lock’er Down

Lock'er Down — Traveler — Model LD1929

If you find yourself frequently moving around important items, including guns and ammunition, Lock’er Down Safes’ Traveler — Model LD1929 may be the perfect accessory you need.

Designed to be extremely versatile, the Traveler safe will suit you if you travel using different vehicles or modes of transportation. This easy-to-carry safe is designed to look like a briefcase. It is compact enough to not draw any unnecessary attention, but spacious enough to hold a Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum with a 6.5” barrel, and full size auto pistols like the Colt 1911 and clones.

This sleek safe also comes with a 4-dial combination lock offering 10,000 possible combinations, so if you want to provide access to multiple people, go ahead and do so! Each individual who uses the Lock’er Down Traveler safe model can have their own customized combination lock and accountability.

Lock’er Down — VeraSafe LD2002

Forget having to carry a separate laptop or tablet case. You can carry both your electronic devices and your guns safely in Lock’er Down VeraSafe LD2002.

This versatile safe not only provides ample space but also delivers robust safety. Built using a 12 gauge cold rolled steel plate, the VeraSafe LD2002 can be trusted with your most important valuables.

This functional safe by Lock’er Down can be used in different kinds of vehicles, including vans, RVs, motor homes, trunks of cars, and 4-door trucks. Don’t be restrained by location and usability, and instead, invest in a safe that lets you do more while also helping you keep your peace of mind.

As a responsible gun owner, your biggest consideration is safety. VeraSafe LD2002 delivers both security and functionality.

Lock’er Down — VeraSafe LD2001

If you are looking for something larger that can accommodate more than a shotgun and a few valuables, then the spacious and robust Lock’er Down VeraSafe LD2001 will fulfill your needs.

Designed to securely carry long guns, this versatile safe is great for storing multiple long guns and large items. If you find yourself often using different vehicles to get around while also transporting arms and other valuables, the VeraSafe LD2001 is a great choice.

From cars to RVs, you can use the VeraSafe LD2001 anywhere. The 3-point locking system discourages any prying, while the customizable combination lock ensures that only authorized people can open this safe.

Whether you are looking for a safe that you can carry around easily, one that can be used in different types of vehicles, or a lock box that can hold different kinds of objects, one of these versatile safes and lock boxes by Lock’er Down will meet your needs.

You can take care of the task at hand while these safes take care of security. If you’d like to browse more, check out our entire collection of Lock’er Down safes, or contact us to have any questions answered.

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