Hollon B3220EILK B Rated Cash Box

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Hollon B3220EILK B Rated Cash Box


Exterior: 32''H x 20"W x 20''D
Interior: 23 1/2''H x 19 3/4"W x 17''D
**Allow 3" for handle**
Weight: 200lb

On the money when it comes to security.

Introducing the Hollon B3220EILK B Rated Cash Box, the epitome of security and reliability. Designed for heavy use in retail environments, this solid steel cash safe ensures maximum security without compromising affordability. With the Hollon UL listed Group II dial lock, you can have peace of mind knowing it is designed to last 300% longer than other UL listed or electronic locks.

The "B" rated burglary construction of this cash box guarantees superior protection. Its 1/2" solid steel door and total door thickness of 3" make it virtually impenetrable. Equipped with five massive chrome-plated solid steel live locking bolts, drill-resistant hard plate, and active spring-loaded re-locker, this safe offers unrivaled defense against attacks.

To deter any attempts on the hinges, this cash box features a full-length locking bar. It also includes an adjustable, removable shelf for efficient organization. With four pre-drilled anchor holes, you can securely attach it to the floor or any other surface.

The sleek gray design adds a touch of elegance to its robust construction. The dimensions of the exterior are 32''H x 20"W x 20''D, while the interior measures 23 1/2''H x 19 3/4"W x 17''D. Weighing in at 200lb, it is built to withstand heavy usage.

Trust in Hollon Safe's commitment to exceptional quality and value. As one of the fastest-growing safe manufacturers in the USA since 2007, they consistently exceed customer expectations by offering superior products at competitive prices.

Invest in the Hollon B3220EILK B Rated Cash Box and experience unparalleled security for your valuable assets. Order yours today and enjoy free shipping (some restrictions apply).

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Hollon Safe founder Zack Gilmore set out with the goal of producing superior quality safes at discount prices. Since Hollon's beginnings in 2007, they have become one of the fastest growing safe manufactures in the USA.

Using state of the art technology, Hollon manufactures a wide range of safes to meet a variety of needs; including fireproof safes, burglary safes, floor safes, gun safes, home safes, office safes and much more. Without sacrificing quality, they regularly exceed customer expectations with prices at about 20-50% lower than their competition.

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