Push Button Loop-Around RMP Strap [Seat Bottom] 




These upgraded mounting straps utilize push button swivels like those used on rifle slings. They require the QD Base to be installed where each strap will attach.

    36 inch Strap

    • 36 inches of 1€ webbing with a QD Push Button Swivel on both ends. 
    • Adjustable length
    • Can be used for top of panel if no head rest post present. Cut extra webbing off once adjusted for correct size. 
    • Can be used for Bottom of panel on Driver/Passenger Seat Back Mount
    • Use 2-3 straps of this size for mounting under rear fold up seat. 
    • Includes 2 bolt on QD Bases
    • Sold as 1 strap with 2 bases
    • Comes with 9/16" Spade Drill Bit to widen standard 1/4" holes.

    Extra Information

    Grey Man Tactical