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"Each Hollon safe is designed to the top of our industry’s standards and then a little higher to ours. We maintain one of the highest standards of design and durability in the industry. From our experience we have learned to design a safe for durability. We conduct extensive product testing and rigid inspections before the Hollon name goes on any of our safes. This attention to quality combined with our extensive product testing insures the durability of Hollon products."

The Legend of Hollon Safe

The true tale of how our company was really born Hollon Safe Co. wasn’t founded as much as it was forged … through generations of folks that endured hardship, and donated their tears and sweat to leave a legacy of character and integrity that I could build a business on. The name Hollon itself is of English origin, and it comes from a word similar to our hollow … that is, a low-lying piece of land (like a small valley) that’s fortified by higher ground. But that doesn’t really tell you anything. It was the mutual agreement of my beautiful wife, Jessica (a lot of guys think their wife is beautiful; mine really is), and myself to name our newfound company with my mother’s maiden name. Now I know what you’re thinking: Who in his right mind would name a safe company after his mother? Fair question. But consider that the suggestion had the agreement of her daughter-in-law … so that should tell you there’s something special behind the name. And there is. So … grab a glass of Southern sweet tea, kick back and put your feet up for a spell … because the real Hollon story may be a shore ride – but it’s fun.

Our story begins in 1835, when the legendary Davy Crockett – then a senator – got his coonskin cap in a twist over the actions of Congress. In response to what he perceived to be yet another Congressional infringement of the people’s Constitutional rights (and, boy, could we use a Davy Crockett today), he famously took the floor and told his fellow legislators: “Ya’ll can go to Hell. I’m going to Texas.” My great-great grandfather, who apparently shared a similar view of the direction of our nation, considered Texas the better alternative. (Remember, this was many decades before Hermes Nye recorded “The Devil Made Texas,” which definitely would have put things in a different perspective.) Catching a glimpse of Mr. Crockett’s vision, my great-great granddaddy – in an act of unbridled optimism – named his infant daughter “Ellen Texas” (I kid you not), packed up his covered wagon (complete with an early version of the bumper sticker: a sign that said “Texas or bust”), and ventured from the hills of Tennessee to stake his claim on what was a cross between the Promised Land and the cussedest place on God’s Earth. With his daughter in one arm and a shotgun in the other, he braved the sagebrush and the cactus, as well as the potential threat of rattlesnakes, scorpions and banditos, to settle in the territory (it wouldn’t enter the Union to become a state until 1845) of Texas.

Texas grew up in Texas (yes, I know how silly that sounds) and eventually married a man named Davenport. They had four children … one of their daughters being my grandmother, Floradell. Unfortunately for Texas (both the person and the state), an influenza pandemic swept the world in the early 1900s. Texas’s husband succumbed to the disease in 1918, leaving her a single mom in an age when there were few resources for such folks. To make ends meet, she opened her home to borders needing a room and a hot meal, and also worked in town at a dry goods store. Tough, determined, and resourceful, Texas was able to scrape together enough money to send all four of her children to college in the 1920s – an amazing feat even today. Growing up in Bishop, Texas – just outside of Corpus Christi – was a young man named Clyde Hollon. The Hollons were farmers during the 1920, and they were growing cabbage just as the Great Depression arrived.

Now, it just so happens that 1929 was one of the best years on record for growing cabbage in South Texas. Unfortunately for the Hollons, this was not good news. With their potential customers suddenly thrust into poverty, the Hollons couldn’t sell their crop. There was little left to do but to … eat it. All of it. (It’s no surprise that cabbage was never grown, cooked, purchased or served in the Hollon household ever again. Ever.) One day Clyde met Floradell. That was a family game-changer. They got married in Harlingen, Texas, and then settled in Mercedes, Texas. There, my grandfather opened up a Ford dealership and became quite the car salesman. So there you have it … hardship, determination, resourcefulness, persistence, strength. Which are the qualities I’ve tried to instill into Hollon Safe. But there’s just one more thing. I believe credit for my interest in the home security industry should go to my grandfather on my dad’s side, A.C. Gilmore Sr. A.C. was a small business owner who, with the help of other local businessmen in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, tried to start a couple of banks. All of them failed. (Another reason why I chose the safe industry over banking.) He lost a lot of money during the Great Depression in banks. Because of that experience, A.C. never trusted the banking system after that. He always kept all his money at home and in cash … basically – believe it or not – in a shoebox under a floor board that ran under the house. As a youngster, this made quite an impression on me. It had never occurred to me before then that banks aren’t always as secure as they appear, and there are alternative ways to protect your money. Even at that age, though, I knew a shoebox wasn’t it. Give me that much credit. Anyways, it certainly fostered an interest in home security … and that, along with the trials and triumphs of my ancestors that resulted in the Hollon name, allowed me to start Hollon Safe Co. – and make it what it is today. So there … aren’t you glad you asked?

Hollon Safe has several core values in which we believe:

1. Strength in Design: Each Hollon safe is designed to the top of our industries standards and then a little higher to ours. We maintain one of the highest standards of design and durability in the industry. From our experience we have learned to design a safe for durability. This attention to quality combined with our extensive product testing insures the durability of Hollon products.

2. Strength in Quality: Before the Hollon Safe name is attached to each safe, the safe must undergo a rigid list of inspections. We take protecting our customers’ assets very seriously. We are not the biggest in the industry but we are striving to be the best. You have our name on it.

3. Strength in Community: We give back to the communities that support us. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our locksmiths and customers and we fully understand that reciprocation is crucial to any good relationship. Hollon Safes believes in law of tithe and strives to give back 10% of profits to charitable and civic causes around the country. If your organization would like to be apart of us we want to know about it. Please send us a letter and together we can make a stronger and safer America.

Limited Warranty

Starting January 2015 Hollon Safe warranties all parts and labor, including all Hollon digital components, on all safes purchased for period of 1 year from date of purchase against manufacture defects. We provide a 2-year warranty on all replacement parts.
Extended warranty includes Hollon digital components. Other brand digital components, electronic keypads, will only be warranted for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Only digital components that are factory installed or installed by a Hollon Safe technician prior to shipment will be covered under this 1 year warranty. 
Hollon Safe will not warranty any digital component installed on safes that are installed within a floor. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by mishandling, neglect, water, tampering, improper installation, removal and/or reinstallation of the safe.
Hollon Safe must be notified within a period of seven days of the receipt of any safe damaged during shipping in order to uphold the warranty and/or damage claims.
Warranties on damage claims will only be accepted if the customer has properly executed the outlined Damage and Delivery Policy and Procedures. Re-setting of any combination on a Group II dial lock must be performed by a qualified locksmith otherwise the warranty will become void.
This warranty is valid for the original customer of purchase and is non-transferable. At no time will the warranty cover more than the original purchase price of the safe. At no time will Hollon Safe become liable for the cost of installation and/or removal of an Hollon Safe or any contents or valuables that may be stored in any Hollon Safe.
Hollon Safe’s sole discretion under this warranty is at Hollon Safe’s own option and own expense. Hollon Safes will repair the defective safe or part, will deliver to the customer the same or comparable safe or part for replacement of the defective part, or if neither of the two previous options is reasonably available, Hollon Safe may, at its own discretion, refund to the customer the original purchase price paid for the defective safe.
All safes or parts that are replaced or refunded will become the sole property of Hollon Safe. An authorized Hollon Safe representative must approve all claims against Hollon Safe. All repairs must be approved by a Hollon Safe Representative before any warranty repairs can be completed.
If a warranty repair is completed prior to obtaining an approval and a work order number from Hollon Safe, Hollon Safe reserves the right to refuse payment to the service provider or reimbursement to the customer for any unauthorized repairs.
Warranty Claims 
  1. A warranty Claim Number must be issued by a Hollon Safe Representative before ANY WARRANTY SERVICE IS PERFORMED. Any warranty service performed before a warranty claim is issued and parts have shipped will be subject to denial. Hollon Safe’s Technical Support Department is available Mon-Fri from 8:30am-5:30pm CST.
  2. Issuance of a Warranty Claim Number does not constitute admission of liability on Hollon Safe’s part but recognizes that a potential problem may exist. All troubleshooting steps and procedures must be followed by Hollon Safe representatives and all claimant(s) before a warranty claim number is issued and warranty service is performed. Warranty work will be performed by authorized Hollon Safe service technicians only. Any work performed by an unauthorized service technician will be automatically denied by Hollon Safe.
  3. A Hollon Safe Work Order Form will be sent out with any parts. This form must be returned signed by claimant along with any parts that have been replaced before payment is considered. If defective or unused parts are not returned to Hollon Safe then the warranty invoice will be denied.
  4. If warranty issue(s) are found to have been caused by user error, neglect and/or abuse on the part of claimant then the warranty claim will be automatically denied and claimant will be responsible for any and all charges and return shipping of any part(s) or safe(s) to Hollon Safe.
  5. For Complete details on Hollon Safe’s Warranty policies please visit our website at

IMPORTANT Caution-Warning

All safes are heavy. Never lift a safe by yourself or without proper training, heavy lifting gear or safe moving equipment. Always use a licensed, bonded and trained locksmith company or moving company to move and install your safe. Always bolt your safe to the floor. A safe is not a toy neither is its packaging! Keep children away from the safe and the packaging. Safes are considered airtight. NEVER lock a living being in a safe. Hollon safe assumes no liability for usage. When you buy a safe you are buying time, time against fire, time against theft. Given enough time and proper tools any safe can be broken into.
Safe door is heavy. Opening a safe on an uneven or unstable floor (plush carpet) may cause safe to tip forward. Be sure to secure safe prior to use. Failure to follow instructions or to heed this warning may result in serious injury or even death.


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