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DOs and DON'Ts of Safe Buying

Posted by JJ Briggs on


I've never heard someone say they regret buying a safe that's too big because of all the extra space. But, I have heard many voice regret for buying a safe that is too small and no longer fits all their stuff.

Your gun collection is likely to grow over time. You are probably going to find that valuable documents and possessions are better off in the safe. A good safe is for more than just gun storage. It becomes a secure storage unit for a variety of other valuables as well. 

DO Invest in a Fire Rated Safe 
Selecting a high quality Fireproof gun safe provides peace of mind. Review our Buyer Guides for detailed help and read product descriptions carefully to make sure the safe meets all you unique needs.



DON'T place your safe in plain view

Don't invite theft. Be discrete with your firearms and valuables to help prevent theft and misuse.

DON'T store powder

Large quantities of powder in a tightly sealed box is a BOMB! Don't do this. Store powder separately away from moisture in a lightly-constructed cabinet or wood box. 


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