The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Gun Safes

The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Gun Safes

May 6th 2023

If you plan on transporting your firearm, you’ll need to invest in a gun safe for your vehicle. Whether you conceal carry daily or drive to go hunting once a year, as a responsible gun owner you know the importance of keeping yourself and those around you safe from gun accidents at all times. Here’s the ultimate guide to vehicle gun safes that will make it easier for you to choose caution over chance.

Center Console Safes

Center consoles are one of the most common vehicle features, and center console gun safes are some of the most popular vehicle safe styles. In addition to small guns, console safes are also a great place to store valuables and important documents you need close at hand. One of the best features of console safes is that they are conveniently located and require little to no vehicle modifications.

Many center consoles are even designed to perfectly fit a specific vehicle model’s console dimensions. Gun owners who own an older vehicle may have trouble finding a center console that is designed for their vehicle model. This doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! All you need to do is take careful measurements of your console dimensions and go with a universal safe. If you're still not sure, reach out to one of our experienced vehicle gun safe experts who can help you find the right storage option to fit your center space.

Since center console safes are positioned so close to the driver and passengers, they are designed with ultimate safety in mind. There are many different styles of locking mechanisms available. Often you will be able to upgrade your gun safe’s lock to fit your specific safety needs. Choose from keyed options, combination locks, or electronic keypads for maximum security.

Cargo Lock Box

Cargo lock boxes don’t fit under seats, but what they lack in low profile they make up for in storage space. These vehicle gun safes are great not only for storing guns, but they’re also a great place to store electronics or other valuables that wouldn’t fit in a small console safe or a narrow under-seat lock box. Cargo lock boxes are great for installation in the cargo area of SUVs and car trunks and come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the model that works best for your needs.

While there are some vehicle-specific cargo lock boxes, they are generally less dependent on a specific vehicle model for installation. As long as you know the dimensions of your cargo area, the amount of space you’re willing to sacrifice, and how much room you’ll need for your gun’s storage, you’ll have no problem finding a safe that fits in your vehicle. In addition, it’s important to remember that the best practice is to bolt non-portable safes to the body of your vehicle. If your cargo lock box is not vehicle-specific, be sure to take stock of your vehicle’s layout before installing.

Heavy Duty Drawers for Truck Beds

Trucks have a limited amount of interior storage space. Truck bed heavy duty drawers can help ease that burden. While these heavy duty drawers can take up a lot of a truck bed’s volume and limit your ability to transport a lot of material, their size does offer extra storage. In addition to your gun, you can also stow long fishing poles or expensive tools that might otherwise be exposed to the elements.

Some cargo lock boxes can also be installed in truck beds, but be sure to select a heavy duty drawer that is guaranteed to stand up against exterior conditions. If not, you may be faced with moisture and dirt making their way into your lock box, which can damage firearms.

Heavy duty drawers are designed to fit the entire truck bed. These drawers slide toward the tailgate, providing easy access to your cargo. Firearms, or your work tools, both are an expensive investment. Use these heavy duty drawers to store them securely.

There are many high-quality vehicle gun storage options available. At Guardian Safe and Vault, we want to provide you with the information you need to store and use your firearms safely. See our collection of vehicle gun safes, or contact us with any questions.