Accident & Other Mishap prevention

Accident & Other Mishap prevention

Published by JJ Briggs on Nov 29th 2016

More so than any other personal property, guns require special care & protection to prevent illegal or unauthorized use. While we may own firearms for protection, we must acknowledge how dangerous they can be; especially in the wrong hands.

Gun Safe Considerations:


While the cost of a safe is often the first consideration of buyers, reliability really should take priority. Cheap safes are everywhere and many of them are made to 'look' secure, but they're not. To a burglar or a fire, a cheap safe wont provide much more protection that a lock box. Having a high quality secure gun safe allows peace of mind while protecting your gun from theft or misuse.

Locking Systems:

Selecting a high quality locking mechanism for you safe is another necessity. While there are great combination dial locks, they can be problematic in a crises situation. It is worth considering an Electronic Locking mechanism for security, ease and speed of access.

Fire Resistance:

We strongly recommend investing in a Fire Rated Safe. Protecting your firearms and valuables from a blazing fire is a wise choice. Most manufacturers test their safes durability and rate their fire resistance.


When deciding where to place your safe, consider choosing a place that is private and not easily accessible by children or visitors. You may also want to consider a more discrete safe; hidden automotive safes, wall safes and floor safes are very popular choices.